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Forest & Found is a nonprofit community thrift store located in Lake Forest, IL that features good quality, second hand goods and produces a cycle of benefits for donors, shoppers and the causes the community invests in


Four Good Reasons You Should Try the Uniform Project With Us

Diana Durkes

The uniform project isn't a new concept, mind you. It' started in 2009 when this blogger challenged herself to wear one garment, one little black dress, for an entire year.

Sheena Matheiken launched the Uniform Project as an act of social consciousness and a fundraiser. As she reinvented the same dress daily, fashionistas followed along on her blog. The project grew to become a platform for responsible consumerism.

Fast forward to last November when morning tv host Karl Stefanovic wore the same blue Burberry knockoff suit for a year. By doing so, Stefanovic proved that the Uniform Project isn't an exclusively female-centric activity. On the other hand, he also demonstrated that an on-air man can wear the same suit every day and not elicit one comment. Not so for women on-air personalities, of course.

What's it like to wear the same garment for a week, a month, a year? In February at Forest & Found, we've decided to give it a try. Our reasons for doing this are related to the thousands of people who have taken the plunge before us:

To contemplate sustainable fashion. There are so many issues in the clothing industry: the working conditions in garment factories. How and where fabrics are produced. The total carbon footprint of one piece of clothing. How do we fit into the solutions?

For the creative challenge. It sounds monumental to reinvent the same outfit day after day, but Michaele Ann McDonnell and I are up for the challenge. We'll choose one dress from the stock at Forest & Found and wear it daily for the month of February. To change up our look, we'll shop our closets and the stock of belts, scarves and accessories at Forest & Found.

For inventive recycling, a business we should all be in. Many of you have gotten a jump on this by generously donating clothing and household items to Forest & Found. We've been the middleman to hundreds of new users and 15K in charity dollars.

Want to give it a try along with us? Perhaps you have a personal take on why it's worthwhile. Maybe this small act of reinvention is a warm-up act for a larger, life-changing one. Or maybe, like many of us in the new year, you vow to achieve the zen of minimalism for our fourth reason, because less is modern.

If you're interested in doing this along with us, or have participated in the Uniform Project in the past, do share! Drop us a line, send selfies, spill the details!

Then, beginning on February 1, follow along with Michaele and me. We'll be posting regular updates here on the blog as well as on our Facebook page.

Happy New Year!