To Date, We've Given our Support to 23 Amazing Local Charities…
$268,000 And Counting!

Below, meet the hard-working local organizations we contribute to. 

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Our 1st Quarter 2019 Charities

And the charities we've donated to since our launch

Our Process for Choosing Charities

Each quarter, our board votes to disburse our accrued profits to local and community organizations. We look for charitable organizations that put maximum money into their causes. Generally, these charities don't have a high percentage of corporate sponsorship and have low overhead costs. They are problem solvers who create preventative solutions to make our community stronger and smarter.

Board members, volunteers and customers can recommend charitable organizations. We weigh the impact our donation will have on each organization, as well as how it can help Forest & Found sustain and grow.

A Circle of Giving

We look for organizations that will help us increase our community of donors and shoppers, either by advertising or partnerships with us. The more participation we have, the more money we are able to give to organizations. 
It’s a circle of giving.