Mix & Match

You have a fashion philosophy, we can help you express it. Your personal style is right here in our rack of high and low, vintage, couture and basics. Regardless of wallet size, fashion is very accessible at F&F.





Sustainable is the new modern

In the world of big box retail, sustainable is often short on quality, and its eco-impact often negated by transportation cost and packaging. Consider this: what's more sustainable than the existing products right here in our shop? We make it easy to tap into your conscious consumer with locally-sourced products waiting for your imagination.



Good + Used

Want to make your life easier, more fun and design-friendly? Stir in a dose of tried-and-true. The things that worked well for your parents and grandparents are still around. Call them trusty or vintage or genius finds, these are the things that can really give that pop of character you're looking for. 




If it's Hip, it's Here

We stock amazing things every day, and we'd love to help you explore how they fit your home and wardrobe.